• Trachurus novaezelandiae

Also known as Yellowtail Scad, Yakka's are a hardy fish that make good live baits for a variety of pelagic and other inshore species. If live Squid isn't an option, Yakka's are a good live bait for YellowTail Kingfish and Mulloway.

Gathering Yakkas is simple. Find some structure (a wharf or pontoon is a good place). Use finely chopped Pilchards as a burley, then use small hooks on handlines to jig the Yakka's, with a small piece of Pilchard as the bait. White bread can also be used very successfully for both the burley and the bait. Some fisherman have had success with the commercially available sabiki jigs. Catching Yakkas is usually done most successfully at night or just after sunrise.

Below: Davey G and JT gathering Yakka's for the infamous Sydney FAD Assault Trip 2007

Below: Deano's yakka after being attacked by a squid off Sydney's North Head

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