To the north of sydney the first road accessable area you come to is the Woy Woy / Umina area. On the edge of Brisbane waters, this area offers a abudance of fishing possiblities. From the deep holes and fast currents under the Rip Bridge to the came waters of Woy Woy Bay.

The area is dotted with oyster leases, weed bedded shallows, and deep holes. The main Species targeted inside waters are bream, flathead, whiting, mulloway, and squid. Many other types of fish are taken in the waterway. Some areas have fast moving currents and care needs to be taken on king tides.

For an overall view of the area visit the Brisbane Waters page.

The area below is from the entrance at ettalong, to the rip bridge at the top of the picture

This picture continues from the rip bridge up, that includes St Huberts Island the area with the cannels and to the eastern side the entrance to empire bay, the northern end continues to paddy's channel and the main body of Brisbane waters

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