• Carcharhinus brachyurus

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Growing up to 3 metres, Bronze Whalers are often found inshore, patrolling beaches and around reefs. A stout fish with a coppery colour, light underbelly and often blackish tips on its fins - the bronze whaler is an excellent sportfish. They are a not uncommon bycatch when targetting Australian Salmon or Kingfish - as they are often present working the same baitschools as those other pelagic fishes.

Bronze Whalers are slow to mature and overfished worldwide. They should be returned to the wild when caught.

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When fishing for whalers, it is a good idea to upsize your gear. A size 5/0 - 7/0 hook on wire trace is a good idea for terminal tackle. Line weights upwards of 20Kgs are required as well. The fish is capable of quite powerful runs, so a suitably hefty reel with a reliable drag is a good idea.

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