Made in Melbourne by Wavedance this 4.1 metre single roto moulded plastic SOT was released in late 2006. The Kingfisher is a very stable and surprisingly fast kayak suitable for use in flat water, moderate ocean conditions, and slow flowing rivers. It has two large hatches and a large cargo well allowing easy storage of and access to camping gear, fishing tackle, dive equipment, and other gear.

Given it comes standard without a rudder it performs extremely well for such a long kayak, no doubt the result of the hull design, which incorporates a fairly prominent keel. Wavedance have designed the Kingfisher with a rudder in mind (a spot for the bracket and control cables being moulded into the deck), and hopefully this will be available sometime in 2007.

Several AKFF members now have the Kingfisher, and they have successfully set it up for fishing. In particular see Occy's Kingfisher (Cavendish) at Squizzy also has a kingfisher which handles the varied conditions of Westernport and Port Phillip bay quite well. This wavedance is in a constant state of change and fit out. see the transition at

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