At 4.8m, .85m beam, 35kg hull, 300kg capacity and with a fitout of an electric motor, this is the Holden Suburban of fishing kayaks. Huge primary stability even enables one to stand and cast in favourable conditions. Plenty of deck space allows for a relatively relaxed experience, not requiring the same discipline as narrower craft. It can handle inshore work with ease. Not really suited to going through the surf, as the wells can easily fill with water bringing the yak to a stop until the scuppers do their work.

Of course all of this comes at a cost. Such a big heavy yak paddles as you might expect - slowly. When used solo, the bow will sit high and be subject to the wind. It is also hardwork in current. Hence the leccy, which certainly makes the yak usable in a range of fishing conditions. However the leccy won't give the same performance as you get from paddling or pedalling most single yaks. Of course, off the water, it is a big heavy beast, which can be managed single handed, but it sure helps to have two.

For such a large yak the hatches are many but small. Also, the wells throughout mean there is not a lot of space below deck. It comes fitted with four rodholders. These have an unusual positioning in that there is a pair next to the ankles of each paddler. To minimise stroke interference these rod holders are angled forward. This is great if trolling with light spin gear as you can easily keep an eye on the rod. However, with heavier gear and good fish the rod becomes hard to remove from the rod holder. However, this is overcome when the self-tapper screws let go and the rod holder changes its orientation.

This yak is great for family fishing in mostly quiet waters

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