• Manufacturer: Viking Australia
  • Basic 'kitted out' price: Under $1,000
  • Weight: 22.5kg

An extremely flexible yak, the Viking Espri provides an excellent base kayak fishing platform, at an entry-level price. At a length and weight that makes it manageable by a single person and easy to carry on almost any sized car it still has the stability and speed to cope with the occasional offshore foray and performs very well on rivers and lakes. It is even supplied with a basic paddle, though AKFF members generally recommend upgrading to something more suitable as soon as you can, as the paddles performance characteristics are not spectacular. The Espri has an acceptable, though limited, amount of on-deck storage.Is a good weight carrier taking weights up to 150 kgs and surfs quite well
Redphoenixs 'Redfin' Viking Espri

Dodges AKFF Viking Espri Collection:

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