The Shimano Spheros 14000FA reel upgrade consists of 3 x carbon fibre drag washers that replace the felt washers in the drag assembly and a ball bearing that replaces a bushing in the right hand, handle side of the main drive unit.

The upgrade gives the reel a few more kg of drag pressure, it also makes the drag feel cleaner under heavy load and gives the handle a nicer feel.

The upgrade kit costs about $40 bucks and is available over the phone with a credit card from Dunphy Sports in Taren Point, NSW. A Stella handle is also available for around $70 bucks.

Phone: (02) 9526 2144

Here is the procedure if you want to upgrade the 14000FA yourself:

Stage 1:

  • Remove the drag knob
  • Take the spool off the shaft and put it to the side
  • Pull off the ratchet clicker and the washer that sit midway on the shaft
  • Undo the rotor nut (clockwise) and the tiny retainer screw that holds the nut in place
  • Pull off the rotor unit
  • remove the thin/wide rubber seal on the drive mechanism
  • Remove the handle - and handle screw on other side
  • Undo the four screws on the outside casing
  • When you try and open the casing you will see another thicker rubber seal
  • I bent a bit of thin wire and hooked it around the seal while the gap was slightly open.
  • Remove the seal
  • The drive cover will now come apart easily
  • On the inside you will see the main drive sprocket. Take this out and underneath will be a white bushing the same size as your new bearing.
  • Grease up the bearing (slap it on) and put it where the bushing was.
  • Discard the old bushing
  • Put a shitload of inox grease in and around all moving parts and reassemble the drive unit EXACTLY as you pulled it apart.
  • End of stage 1

Stage 2:

  • Grab the spool and undo the four tiny screws on the waterproof seal cover plate
  • This is the hard part so be careful
  • With a screwdriver (or something that can get down under the cover plate) You need to pry up the cover evenly.
  • I have damaged the cover plate on both reels doing this but it doesn't affect the drag mechanism - just the waterproofing. These reels aren't 100% waterproof anyway so it doesn't matter.
  • When you get the lip above the rim get some needlenose pliers and try to get the plate off.
  • As soon as the plate is off, take out the drag mechanism.
  • Wherever you see a felt washer, take it out and insert a greased carbon fiber washer in its place
  • Give all other metal washers a coat of grease too
  • In the tiny screwholes put in a big dab of grease and spread a film of grease around the whole area (this will make it easier to remove next time and keep salt away)
  • Put the spool back on the shaft of the main drive carefully so all the drag washers line up straight.
  • Line up the screw holes and put the waterproof cover back on. Tighten the screws and put a big dollop of grease in the centre hole to keep water out.
  • You did it!!!!
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