• Family Salmonidae

Overview Edit

Description The Brown and Rainbow Trout are both introduced species. They provide a great fight once hooked breaking the surface of the water jumping in a series of acrobatics to throw hooks. This makes them a fantastic sport fish to target.

Size Most trout caught are between 150g and 2.5kg with some larger specimens reaching 6kg

Distribution Dams, Lakes and rivers and their tributaries mainly in alpine or sub alpine areas Found in NSW, ACT, VIC, STH AUS,WA sth & Tas.

Tackle Edit

Rods/ Reels Light spinning rod 5-6.5ft from a Kayak Reel small light spinning reel with a line cap of 100m or more. Line 4-8lb fire line some other people prefur mono for the streatch which may prevent less lost fish during the fight

Lures a larg selection Monnows, jigs, sp's, spoons ect

Techniques Edit

Trolling Trolling is by far the most efective way if finding fishin large impoundments Target weed beds and deep cliff faces hard against the banks falen trees and rocky points of bays

Weather A Rising barometer of 1020 or higher presure is good For trout. There are times when the barometer may stay below 1020 and fishing is still good. eg; The is 1009 for a period of a week or so and it rises to 1011 this slight change will triger the fish to feed also.

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