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Tin Can Bay is a kayak paddler/Fisherman's paradise. The options are almost endless, from bream, whiting, flathead and mangrove jack upstream of the town to pelagics downstream in the larger part of the estuary. The upper reaches extend for several kilometers into mangrove lined, sandy creeks with reefy patches along the way. It is sheltered in South-Easterly winds and is fishable in almost any weather.

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Launch optionsEdit

At the back entrance to Ace Caravan park, is a pedestrian launch ramp, specifically built for paddle craft. You can walk your yak on bitumen right to the water from the cabin. or you could park right beside it also.

There is also a multi-lane stink boat ramp with plenty of parking and a high tide only sandy beach at the northern end of the car park. Low tide, the boat ramp is also a good choice.
High tide launch site

Vehicle SecurityEdit

Vehicle security doesn't seem to be a problem here at all.

Trip OptionsEdit

Accommodation AvailableEdit

Accommodation ranges from caravan parks with tent sites and clean cabins to new, luxury waterfront villas and every thing in between. There are a couple of pubs and a bowls club and some nice tourist shopping for those so inclined.

We stayed at the Ace Caravan park Ph No. 07 54864152 in one of their cabins. It was presented clean and comfortable with all you would need. The park also boasts a communal kitchen/barbeque area that looks very nice.

We visited this place on a strictly paddling/non fishing trip. I was so frustrated, by not having my gear here I could have cried. I will very definitely be returning with a heap of lures. We saw bream everywhere we went.
Looks Fishy to me

Another option, is one of the various houseboat vendors, generally located at Tin Can Bay marina.

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