The Piscatorial Paradise

Tasmania, the Apple Isle and also Australia’s piscatorial sleeping giant. Tassie has a relatively small population in relation to “Mainland Australia” of approximately 500,000, however in a recent survey across Tasmania 1 in 3 Tasmanians responded saying that they fished regularly at least once a month.

From the lake born trout, to monster bream, surf fishing for salmon and game fishing out over the continental shelf Tassie has fishing to suit just about everyone. If we had barramundi, murray cod or big GT’s there would be no reason to ever leave Tassie.

Tasmania is world renowned for it's clean, green environment and for it's trout fishery, with some of the biggest trout in the southern hemisphere being found in our Highland Lakes. Where dedicated local anglers go in search of scoring a Trout Trifecta, meaning a Rainbow, Brown and Brook trout in one trip. Many of our lakes are also stocked with monster Atlantic Salmon, thanks to cooperation between our Inland Fisheries Department and the local Aquaculture Industry.

Being such a famous world trout fishery many of our other species have often over looked by the visitor to the state and even some locals. Some of the biggest black bream you will find anywhere in the country can be caught in many of Tasmania's coastal streams and rivers. Black bream well over 40cm have been regularly taken from the Derwent River in Hobart and a specimen of 52cm was taken from the Tamar River north of Launceston late in 2006.

When the warm east coast current is flowing down past Tassie you will also find species such as marlin following the current to the rich feeding grounds of the southern ocean. Other off shore sports fish include, big blue fin tuna, yellow fin tuna, blue shark and the acrobatic and often agro mako shark. Tuna over 100 Kilograms have been regularly caught by off shore anglers, with one specimen in May 2007 coming in at 154 kg (134 kg cleaned).

Kayak fishing in Tasmania is becoming more popular and with the exception of a few brave individuals (Scott) is done in the bays, estuaries, lakes and rivers around the state. Kayak fishermen around the state commonly target trout, bream, flathead, salmon (both Atlantic and Australian), trevally, leatherjackets, whiting and numerous other species.

As this Wiki is updated, we will include articles on where and how to fish for the various species of Tasmanian fish. But if you can't wait and want to see more of what Tassie has to offer in the way of fishing, pop over to and have a chat to the local experts on the forums.

Trips attended by members of AKFF's most Southern Fleet:

I thought it might be a good idea to make a posting of links for previous Tassie trips.

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So here goes:


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