Introduction Edit

Sydney's coastline is marked by magnificent sandstone bluffs divided by its famous beaches. Its inshore fishery has recovered substantially after the building of deep ocean sewage outfalls and the banning of kingfish traps. With its estuaries under enormous pressure from commercial use, all forms of recreational and commercial fishing and other pleasure craft, the inshore fishery offers a chance to get out for a relaxing and often productive day's fishing. Add to that the resident wildlife including pelicans, albatross, shearwaters, fur seals and dolphins and the semi-annual migration of whales between the southern ocean and tropical northern waters and its hard to go past inshore kayak fishing as one of Sydney's best, and least known, outdoors experiences.

The Fishery Edit

It is a typical inshore fishery with the emphasis being on reef fishing, both in close to shore are in deeper water. Target fish include Snapper, YellowTail Kingfish, Mulloway, Morwong, Flathead and Silver Trevally with Samson Fish showing up in numbers this year. Techniques include anchoring up, berleying and floating out a live or cut bait, drifting a bait along the bottom, drifting and/or casting and retrieving soft plastics, trolling natural and artificial baits and jigging

There are several annual runs of fish hitting the surface. Most notable among these are Australian Salmon and YellowTail Kingfish feeding on "eyes" in spring, making them great targets for fly and soft plastics on light gear. Some hoodlum kingfish can be targetted under these schools. Other fish come with the warm water that arrives through summer, including striped tuna, some mackerel and, occasionally larger sportfish such as yellowfin tuna. Bonito can also be found.

Locations Edit

There are a number of launching spots that provide safe access to inshore most of the time. Their aspect and topography mean that they all have bad days and caution and judgement are advised at all times. Some of these spots are so well protected that it is not possible to get an impression of the fishing conditions from the launch spot so it pays to consider the current wind and swell conditions and the forecasts before venturing out.

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