FANDOM's RigEdit

"Ive been using various forms of the following lately; I seem to get less rubbish & more big hits with this rig. It hasnt been translated into many more big fish landings but my premature catch & releases have definitely improved

I have been using fresh (dead) squid ~100-120mm mantle length, and a pea sized sinker. Ideally the thing should be bouncing along just clear of the bottom." -

Gatesy's Squid RigEdit

Some people like to use a proper Sliding Snell but you can attach the top hook by using a rubber band and wrapping it around the shank and mainline and tying off with a granny knot.

When using a whole Squid more and more anglers are using a treble as the bottom hook to increase hook up rate although a single hook can be used.

Below: Gamakatsu twin hook rig and squid ready for a troll.

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