• Scomberomorus munroi

Overview Edit Redphoenix Jr and a Spotty

Tackle Edit

light to medium tackle with reels with a high retrieve will be good. Not a dirty fighter so no super strong leaders or heavy line strength is required generally... but it is a speed demon during its initial runs.

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One of the more common "speed machines" that is available to kayak fisherman, who love the adrenalin of fast reel screaming. Spotties tend to be surface feeders, that migrate up and down the coast in schools each season. Averaging between 2kg to 6kg these fish will make your drag scream at a rate of knots. Once hooked, the fish makes a series of fast, hard, but generally short lived runs. Drags need to be smooth, as you can lose fish on a jerky drag. Consider a wire leader trace, as the fish has a mouth full of line cutting teeth. Ganged pilchards trolled on the surface, lead to most fish, but live bait and hard bodied lures work, as well as spinning with fast retrieve reels. Floatlining is a popular way to catch "spotties",which is a ganged pilchard under a balloon or piece of foam, weighted to the required depth.

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