SPHYRAENIDAE Sphyraena novaehollandiae

Note difference from the Fish Identified as "Short Finned Pike" in this Wiki - although the same latin name is used (incorrectly? I suggest this "Short Finned Pike" pictured is SPHYRAENIDAE Sphyraena obtusata?)

Identification from public domain source... 2004, Species Identification Guide: West Coast Region Department of Fisheries, Government of Western Australia.

FEATURES: Long, slender, silver body. Large teeth - keep away from toes on the kayak!

SIZE: Reputedly grows to >1 metre in length - I have caught them from 50 to 60cm.

HABITAT: Moderately common near-shore capture along Perth Metropolitan rockwalls - particularly in the winter months.

CAPTURE: Strong taker of lures - silver Toby Spoon and silver Rapala Countdown. Also caught on ganged, whole whitebait.

EATING: Firm white flesh - tastes very good panfried in small cutlets.

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