• Scomber australasicus

Overview Edit

Excellent livebait for a range of pelagic species, the slimy mackerel also is a surprisingly enjoyable eating fish, particularly for a range of japanese dishes.

Tackle Edit

Most common method is probably using the small Japanese "Sabiki" feathers. Fishing effort can be enhanced by using a small (±4gm) silver jig in place of a lead sinker.

Ideal rig would be a light line on a small overhead reel.

Techniques Edit

Freespool the feathers down to the bottom, whilst minimising slack. Bites usually occur on the descent rather than the ascent.

Avoid handling fish directly as they 'shock' very easily. If they are intended as live baits, mortality can be lessened by placing them in sea water slightly diluted with fresh water for about half an hour before transferring to full salt water. It is thought this reduces the osmosis caused by loss of the body slime.

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