• Pseudocaranx dentex Pseudocaranx geogianus

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The Silver Trevally is one of the smaller trevally species and is a real sport fish. They perform particularily well for their size and can often be the difference between a rubbish day and a great one.

They respond well to burley and are a sucker for peeled prawns and small pieces of squid. Some members of AKFF have also well on these fish with Soft Plastics.

These are a kayak fishing friendly species

Around Sydney a 60cm fish is a real HORSE although in places like Lord Howe Island they grow to a staggering 11kg. Note that NSW DPI scientists have recently classified these as separate fish - the large tropical species being P. dentex and the smaller (max FL 65cm, max wt 4kg) temperate species being P. georgianus)

The fish below went 40cm and was a PB for the Angler

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A great light tackle sportfish, the larger models around Sydney (>60cm) are readily subdued on 4kg tackle. 2-3kg tackle should handle them, however there is the possibility of a snapper or small kingfish on the same tackle and in the same area. Braided line and fluorocarbon leader are best when casting soft plastics over reefs

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Trevally will take soft plastics readily. They can be found over and about inshore reefs from late winter. Often they are found in deeper water adjacent to the reef.

4" stickbaits, such as the Berkley Power Minnow, seem to work a treat, especially the pumpkinseed colour. 1/8oz jig with a 3/0 - 5/0 hook, cast ahead of the drift and allowed to sink then jigged slowly back to the boat. Usually taken on the drop with a take being detected as weight before the fish takes off. Missed hits are pretty subtle. Can also be taken drifting the same rig over the reef but cast and retrieve seems more productive. 5" gulp jerkshads in nuclear chicken have accounted for a few when drifted

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