Shark Bay

Looking South over Shark Beach.

Shark Bay is a peninsula on Sydney Harbours north-east edge. It's a popular family picnic spot on the Eastern Suburbs and it's very easy to access.

On the northern edge of the bay theres a large seaweed bed which is loaded with squid and leather jacket. it's a great spot to pick up some live bait before heading out into the harbour.

Paddle out past the port (red) navigation marker and drop a line for Schnapper, Jew Fish and Kingfish. If you head to the southern end of the bay there is a degaussing (de-magnetising) station with submarine cables and some good structure for Bream.


Parking and Security:Edit

On a summer day it can be difficult to find a parking spot on Greycliffe Ave, which is the easiest spot to launch from. You shouldn't have any problems if your doing a dawn paddle and in the afternoon you can wait til someone leaves. Alternatively you can launch from Vaucluse Bay and paddle around the corner. I've never heard of a car getting burgled in either of these locations.


Park at the bottom of Greycliffe Ave to be closest to the launch ramp. The sand at the top of the beach can be quite soft so if you got thin wheels your best to drag your kayak to the shore.

Other amenities:Edit

There is a Kiosk on the beachfront and showers at the southern end of the beach. You'll pass a tap when you come down the drive-way. There is toilets at the center and north end of the beach.

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