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Scott has this to say about rod choice:

Dollars does not always equal quality in fishing tackle. A few quick tests you can do to determine the best rod from a few contenders is to do the following:

  • Componentry Test:

Does it have Fuji giudes and a Fuji reel seat. Korean guides and reel seats have come a long way in the last 6 or 7 years but still are not as tough or long lasting as the Fujis.

  • Senstivity test:

Grab both rods, grab them lightly with the grips in a grip you will use whilst lure fishing and tap the tip really lightly on an object such as a rod stand or the counter of the tackle shop. Note which one transmits the taps the most efficiently. This one will deliver the most details to you whilst lure fishing meaning more hookups and more efficient fishing around structure as you determine what are taps from fish and what are taps from your lure hitting structure.

  • Recovery Rate

Hold the rod at no more than 45 degrees to the ground. Get someone else to grab the tip of the rod. Do not get them to pull, only hold the tip. Slowly lift the rod, ensuring that you are not moving closer to to the person holding the tip, increasing the angle of load on the tip to over 45 degrees. (Doing this will place all of the load on the tip of the rod rather than the full length of the rod, significantly increasing the chance of breakage). When the rod is loaded up into a working bend get them to quickly let go and see how quickly the rod recovers and the tip stops flapping around.

The quicker the recovery rate, the quicker your strike time will be while lure fishing, resulting in more fish hooked.

An interesting thread about rod length on the forum.

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Building a Loomis GL3

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I like my Shimano Raider Snapper Series spinning rod. It is lightweight, 2 piece, 7'6" long and can carry 5-8kilo line easily. -user:kraley


Pflueger trion rods are a very nice rod for price strength and workablilty some of the features are:

  • HM-45 high modulus graphite construction
  • Premium Fuji® Alconite guides with New Fuji® Guide Concept on all models
  • Blank-through-handle construction for added strength and sensitivity
  • Fuji® conventional reel seats with cushioned stainless steel hoods
  • Top grade cork grips with protective Cork Butt
  • Hook keeper
  • Artificial Bait rods have been crafted to suit soft plastics, hard bodies and spinner baits

They have a great range of weights and rod sizes to suit every angler, RRP is $200 but many akff user's like justcrusin32 have bought the rods for just under the $100 mark making them excellent value for money.

  1. Pfleuger Australia website link:


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