One of the most widely used offshore hard bodied lures in the world. The CD style lures have accounted for all varieties of fish in Australia. Despite being acceptable for some estuary trolling their real claim to fame seems to have come as an offshore trolling lure. They regularly account for such species as Snapper, YellowTail Kingfish, Bonito, Tailor, Australian Salmon and even Silver Trevally.

The CD Series comes in size ranges from 1" (CD1) to 4 3/8" (CD11). The Magnum range goes from 4 3/8" (CD11) up to 10 1/2" (CD26) The smaller the lure, the shallower the running depth.

Realistically, a kayakfisherman can sucessfully troll up to a CD9 size lure and show success.

Below: A CD 9 in a reflective silvery blue pattern accounted for this nice Bonito

Below: kraley's favourite CD7 patterns

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