Map Reference Edit,138.461800&spn=0.022231,0.029569&t=h&z=15 WGS 84 S 35 15 34.1 E 138 27 42.4

Verbal DirectionsEdit

Located around 40 km South of Adelaide. The easiest method of finding it is to head South along Main South Road until you reach Quinliven Road, where you turn right and pass through Aldinga passed the pub and turn right onto Port Road. Follow this road all the way down until it turns 45 degrees left and then again shortly afterwards. The first right after this is the car park.


Parking and Launching Tips Edit

There is no vehicular access to this beach. There is however a ramp leading down at the bottom end of the car park accessed through the wide gate at the North Eastern corner. The sand at the bottom of the ramp is usually soft, so take care with your carts.

Fishing Edit

The Aldinga aquatic reserve is located just to the South of the ramp so if you go this way be careful not to fish in the reserve. Heading north from Pt Willunga you will pass over Lions Reef, a popular surfing spot when the surf gets up. This is a shallow reef so keep an eye out for rocks. This brings you to the beach that holds the wreck of The Star of Greece. Anywhere along this beach trolling can provide you with Salmon Trout at the right time of year or Mullet at other times. Almost straight out from the ramp are a number of formations approximately 2km out that can be found by sounder and these areas can provide Snapper, Flathead and Red Mullet. The sand flats in closer are home to large numbers of Sand Crabs.

Some Hazards Edit

The old jetty is slightly South of the ramp and has pylons still coming up from the sand and is probably best avoided. The reef to the North is Shallow and will have surfers there in the right conditions. There is a bouy and the stern post of The Star Of Greece protruding from the water at low tide so is just under the surface at high tide.

Amenities Edit

There is a public convenience at the lower end of the car park and also cold water showers. The Pt. Willunga Kiosk has been turned into a cafe kind of thing but the usual deli stuff can be purchased through a window in the front. The Aldinga Pub has been known to put on a good feed and there are cafes and a restaurant along The Esplanade and in the Aldinga Township.

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