The rock reef that makes up this point is almost completely covered at high tide. Good news - the stinkboats can't get in close enough to really target the excellent Australian Salmon and other predators that patrol the reef as the tide moves in or out. Bad news: Don't stray too far east or Mr. Greenie Waterpark officer will have you shot. ;)

Launch at the sandy sailboat ramp just west of the point. Its an easy, protected paddle out to the reef. If it is blowing hard, don't try to clear the reef - if it is calm, you can get right up to the beach that borders the reef on its eastern side to target whiting.

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Vehicle SecurityEdit

The couple of times kraley fished it there were plenty of people around (probably about 20 parking spots close by and they are free). One time there were a couple of teenagers 'getting to know each other' in the car next to mine. Kraley says, "I am quite sure that I only added to the feeling of romanticism with my cursing as I tried to load the Hobie Outback onto my car while they groaned. Don't know that I would leave a bunch of gear in the car, but seemed pretty good."

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The stoopid marine park restrictions really limit one here. While one can head up the bay towards Huskisson, there really aren't many fishy spots to explore until one get right up to the town. Its a long pedal/paddle.

Luckily, the reef at plantation point holds plenty of Salmon, Tailor and the occassional keeper Snapper. The beach just to the east of the point also can provide a good feed of whiting. DON'T PROCEED ANY FURTHER EAST THAN THE IMMEDIATE BEACH!

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