• Manufacturer: Ocean Kayak, US and NZ
  • Basic 'kitted out' price of the Prowler 4.5 Elite: Approx $1,500 (without rudder), or $1,800 with rudder
  • Recommended Accessories: A rudder certainly makes your fishing experience easier. A paddle is usually helpful too..
  • Weight: 28kg (without rudder) 30kg (with rudder)

The Prowler Elite 4.5 superceded the 'old' Prowler 15. The Prowler 15, although it was a great fishing and paddling machine suffered from a centre hatch that was prone to leaking when heavier (90kg+) paddlers were on board.

Although the Prowler 4.5 Elite is a replacement model, it has been developed specifically as a fishing kayak and as a result there are several key improvements inbuilt. These include moulded nut/bolt assemblies for easier addition of extenal accessories such as rod holders, fishfinders, trolling motors and anchor trolleys and also a transducer cut-out on the underside of the hull to accomodate a fishfinder transducer and remove the need for it to be mounted in-hull.

The Ocean Kayak Prowler Elite 4.5 is an extremely well thought-out design, targeted specifically at the kayak angler. It features a large, rectangular molded tankwell storage area(with bungee keepers), side-mounted carrying handles, tackle box trays, 8" centre sealed hatch, large forward hatch, and even a molded cup holder. THere are 2 flush mount rod holders fitted standard. It is hard to go past the Prowler if you want a 'pre configured' fishing yak, with very little more to do other than add some rods, and throw it in the water.

AKFF Members who have Prowler Elites include:

Davey G's Prowler Elite 4.5

Heres a photo of Fisher's Prowler 15 (a precurser to the Elite). The blue yak in the background is a Scupper Pro

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