Argyrosomus hololepidotus

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AKA in NSW: Jewfish, jewie, jew VIC and SA: Mulloway, Butterfish, buttery WA: mulloway, kingfish, river king, silver king

Distrubution: Worldwide very similar fish are found in South Africa and the eastern seaboard of the USA were it is called the Channel Bass or Red drum

Fishing: Small mulloway (soapies) will be taken will fishing for bream or flathead, Larger fish are best fished for with live baits and fresh or live squid can be especially good. Lures and soft plastics will work better were there is a colour change in the water use strong actioned minnows or poppers with white and red feathers

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When fishing for jews the reliability of your tackle is first and foremost before you go out an regularly during the fishing session check your knots and leaders and make sure it is all in working order a big jew will put a lot of strain on them.

Bait or Livies.

Roughly the same rig is used for livies and dead baits.

For the experienced yaker use a rig between 40 - 60 lb or stronger if you desire.

For more novice yakers use lighter gear so if you get snagged you can break the line off without getting into to much trouble. If you get smoked buy a big one just feel privileged you even hooked him and cry in a beer later.

Around 1 metre of leader from sinker. A three way swivel Heavy lead to get to the bottom, will need to be to depth and current of the area you are fishing Circle hooks are a favourite in the 6/0 size

Some AKFFer's recommend using a running sinker. Using a second swivel above the main with the simply run through the eye so the sinker is free to run up and down the line. The theory is that the jew will pick up the bait and run without feeling any weight.

Spooled1's jew fish rig, 60lb jinkai, 44lb 3 x way crane swivel, 3oz bomb sinker (must have a moulded swivel), 6/0 circle hook60lb.

Livies for more robust fish Eg:tailor one hook through the lip and the other throught the upper back towards the tail. Fished on the same rig as above.

BAITS NEED TO BE FRESH, servo pillies won't do Baits should be presented so they DON'T spin, flapping is good spinning is bad. Butterflied whole fish work well rigged up the same as livies on hook through the lip mouth area another near the tail. If using fillets fold the fold over once with the skin on the inside.

Variety is the spice of life they say and for jews it is the same put down a variety of baits found in the local area (Don't forget to drop a bait down while your bait fishing jews can be there after the same thing you are). EG: use tailor, yakers and squid if available

Soft Plastics

If the plastic is going to be worked a bladed spinner head (eg:TT rev head) is reccomended with a 100 - 150mm shad style plastic.

If fishing in a strong current rig the sp on a lighter jig head with a 1 metre leader to a heavy sinker (see bait rig) and let the current work the sp.

AKFFer's use 100 to 150mm or larger sp's in shad's or stickbaits.

Colours known to have worked are Silver fox and Gary glitter
100mm Gary Gliter shad with a TT rev head (a bit small) and a 150mm Silver fox and resin head


A variety of lures work well including large hard bodies, poppers and metal slices.

In ocean washes and heavily broken water around headlands and breakwalls, Jewies will regularly attack large HB lures, POPPERS and softs over 6". Softs and big diving Halco's like the 190's account for most of the runs but they'll absolutely smash a slow drawn popper on the right day. Working large poppers in and around creek mouths after heavy rain when the water is discoloured can also account for some good quality fish. as well as large bibbed lures worked at night around river mouths and deeper holes jigging with metal slices can works well in deep holes


Gear is simple, a 6- 7ft rod capable of fishing 30 - 50 lb braid, a spin or ovhead in the same range (6500 baitrunners, 750 spinfishers, Saltist (30, 40 or 50's) Toriums etc, or if you want to spend abit more, Saltiga 4500's, Stellas, Saltiga Overheads etc). 30 - 50lb braid/gelspun is all you will need. For SP fish, a 6'6" - 7' rod in the 20lb range with matching reels and 15 - 15lb braid/gelspun.

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Above anything else putting in the time is the best recommended technique. After you think you have put some time in put in some more. The tides seem to be best around the slack to 1.5 hours after the high water, some people recommend the smaller of the days tides.

The phase of the moon seems to be the first few days after a new and full moon. Most anglers recommend fishing a night, but big jews have been taken during daylight hours. Smaller soapy jews will often be taken quite by chance while fishing for bream and flathead.

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For an insight as to how members chase Mulloway, please click here


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Gatesy with one of his first jewies ever
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