Users that use a Malibu Mini-X: Garfish

Garfish wrote the following about the Mini-X

"Ah... so the Malibu Mini-X finally gets a nibble

I have two of them, and am extremely impressed by the quality of the fit out. Find a photo of mine rigged up with a seat and the like below. It's not a great shot of them though....


- Great quality - Extremely stable (never flipped it once) - Easy to navigate around (hatches are all accessible) - Rod holders are built in, therefore no need to drill holes in your yak - Light (I can lift it by myself on to the roof)


- It probably doesn't cut through the chop like some of the longer kayaks, but then, you're probably in less danges of flipping it too. - It's quite wide (78 cm), and quite deep... but then again, it needs to be.

It's all a trade off... for me, most of my marks were in the vicinity of 2-3km and I wanted to be in a stable kayak, that I didn't need to drill into. I wanted it small so I could store it easily, and also light.

This was the perfect fit for me... note that they're extremely popular in the states at the moment, so it may be some time before you can source one... although it has been several months now since i bought - so you may be in luck.

Thumbs up from me....


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