• Euthynnus affinis

Overview Edit
Couta1 displaying a mac tuna

Tackle Edit

tackle can range from light tackle to medium tackle,as mac tuna has got the power and speed,but is not a dirty fighter.You will enjoy the fight the lighter you choose to fish

Techniques Edit

A.K.A the "jellybean"..this torpedo shaped fish,packs a good bit of stamina.Not a good eating fish,but fun to catch,especially of a kayak.Mac tuna will take most baits intended for other species.This will include live baits of yakkas and slimeys,both on the surface,under a baloon,or on a down rigger.Mac tuna will also take pillies trolled intended for mackerel,as well as a wide range on hard bodied lures.They give a screaming first run and fight in tight circular arcs,with constant tugging on the end of the line.Good fun from a kayak,and even better when hooked on ultra light tackle

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