• Strongylura krefftii
  • Other names: Alligator Gar

Overview Edit

Long Tom are often a by catch when fishing for esturary species as they hunt bait fish over sand and seagrass beds. Long Tom will strick enthusiastically at lures and once hooked put on a good display with specatular leaps and fast dash's but tire quickly.

There have a flavour similar to garfish and regarded as fair to good eating, although some local names include "pins and needles" or "needle fish" due to a large amount of small bones. Which like parrot fish bones are blue to green in colour.
fishinswing with a Long Tom from a recent trip to Poona
kraley's Long Tom off of Cabbage Tree Bay in Sydney

Tackle Edit

Long Tom a rarley targeted, but offen taken as a bycatch on baits and lures. They can be hard to hook especially on lures due to there long tooth filled jaws.

Long sharp shank hooks or gangs on hooks provide the best chance for hook up.

When targeting Long Tom try a light to medium line, a small hook (sharp), little or no weight (+/- float), baited with a small piece of peeled prawn. Use the current or wind to keep contact with the bait and watch for the tell tail sign of the line moving off in a different direction to the prevailing conditions.

Long Tom will hit surface lures.

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