The Lane Cove River forms an arm of Sydney harbour and is actually a tributary of the Parramatta River, albeit a slightly cleaner one. While there are 4 bridges that cross the Lane Cove River there are only 2 that serve as suitable launch points for you and your yak. The first is at Fullers Bridge which connects Chatswood and Ryde on Delhi Road (or Fullers Road depending on what side of the bridge you are on). This bridge sits at the entrence to the Lane Cove National Park leisure area. The second is Figtree Bridge on Burns Bay Road which runs from Lane Cove down to Hunters Hill.

The latter is a decent launch point with parking just a few meters from the car park. If you are travelling south down Burns Bay Road (heading towards Hunters Hill or the city) watch out for the loop road just prior to the start of the bridge. This will take you under the bridge and straight to the car park and launch point. The launch point requires you to drag your trusty yak over some rocks and possibly mangrove mud beds depending on what the tide is doing. The water directly out from the car park on the Lane Cove River is as deep as 8 meters depending on the tide. Other parts of the river range from very shallow (again depending on the tide) to really quite deep at about 13 meters. There are plenty of other launch points which can be easily recognised as boat ramps on a street directory. The boat ramp at Riverview is a particularly good place to launch due to the excellent parking and the ease of access to the water. There are reputed to be some deep holes that house Jew Fish particularly up around the bridge that forms part of Epping Road.

The water is mostly the murky brownish water found in tributeries with mangroves lining the banks. Fish species you will encounter include Flathead, Bream, Tailor (particularly chopper), Australian Salmon and Jew fish. Most fishos seem to avoid eating their catch fron the Lane Cove river unless it is a pelagic. Some say the Flathead glow in the dark when caught from here. Lures and soft plastics seem to be the weapons of choice on this tributory. Watch for bottom dwelling snags in the form of old mangoves.

AKFFers that can be found on the LCR include JT, Occy, Clarkos, Devos and DiveYak.

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