Dee Why is a very popular beach, being very crowded in Summer. It provides good surfing, safe swimming and fishing opportunities, all subject to weather conditions of course. Add a strip of restaurants and cafes and dense residential development and it is no surprise that parking is at a premium once the morning gets going. However, there is free parking, though some of it is time restricted. No problem parking for a dawn launch.

Park close to the corner of The Strand and Oaks Ave. Paved paths and ramps lead past the playground and down to the beach. However, one of the ramps doesn't permit a yak to turn so you will need to port down 10 steps. A short hike to the right takes you the the southernmost part of the beach, bounded by a rock shelf. This is protected from a wide range of swells provided the swell is below about 1.5m. A very reliable rip will help take you out past the rocks. This point is a popular jump in surfing location so keep an eye out for seal impersonators bearing down upon you.

There are a number of fishing options once you are on the water:

  • troll north at the back of the breakers along Dee Why and Long Reef beaches for tailor, salmon, bream, whiting and flathead;
  • the southern side of Long Reef Pt has extensive shallow reef, including a couple of bommies. Usual reef species;
  • heading right will take you around Dee Why headland, with 10-15m water right up to the bluff. Kings and salmon should be major targets;
  • heading east from the point will take you over a dropoff at about 2km out and a reef, rising from 20m to 11m about 3.5km out. NB this information is from a nautical chart - the locations have not been checked for fish yet.
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