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The original fishermen from kayaks were probably Inuits and Aleuts, who used them primarily for hunting seagoing mammals such as seal.

Modern kayak fishing has been popularised by the invention of affordable, stable Sit On Top (SOT) polyethylene kayaks. The sport is still in its infancy, with new innovations arriving almost daily as its popularity grows.

In reality, any kayak can serve as a fishing platform as long as it is a suitable craft for the type of water it is used in. Thus, one merely has to pursue fishing from a human powered canoe to qualify as a kayakfisher, but the sport has grown tremendously recently with customised gear available.

Whether just trolling a handline or having a a fully rigged fishing assault vehicle rigged with electronics, downriggers and other exotic gear, all kayak fishermen share a love of the outdoors and the idea of pursuing fish under human power, utilising their close contact with nature to reinvigorate the fishing experience, harkening back to a more primitive era when people who wanted to enjoy the bounty of the sea required a more intimate contact with its constraints and challenges than going to the fishmarket or even jumping in a powerboat and quickly arriving at the fishing grounds.

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if it is low u can drag your yak across and get to the real fish

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Having a way of securing a fishing rod to the kayak is of major concern to kayak fishermen, who must often rely on having their hands free for paddling. Thus, the installation of Rod Holders could be viewed as one of the necessary components of a fishing kayak. However, customisation includes fish finders, Live Bait Tanks, and other helpful tools.

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