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Hobie Sports Fisherman[edit | edit source]

Length: 2.92m (9'7") Width: 0.75m (29.5") Weight: 21.77kgs (48lbs) Capacity: 110kgs (245lbs) Mirage Drive Weight: 3kgs (6.6lbs)

Cid's fitted out Sports Fisherman



Pros: very stable, lots of storage space within hull, plenty of accessory trays and two drink holders, mirage drive is relatively quick and leaves your hands free for fishing, ability to sit in current/wind and fish structure, very maneuverable amongst jetties or trees (great for bream or bass), light and easy to lift on/off car.

Cons: No reverse, not as quick and doesn't track as well as longer kayaks, need at least 8" of water to use mirage drive, Scotty Rod holder has to be angled forwards/backwards as rod handle is in the way of your legs if using the mirage drive. [But you can get the extension bracket to overcome this problem easily]


  • The mirage drive can be used in shallow water by doing short 'pumps' of the pedals which stops the fins extending fully.
  • Doing hard and quick half pushes on the mirage drive pedals will turn the kayak in a tighter arc.
  • Keep a cheap table tennis paddle next to your seat and use it for a quick reverse or tight turning option.
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