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Hobie Mirage Revolution Fish Edit

Length: 4.09m (13'5") Width: 0.72m (28.5") Weight: 26.3kg (58lbs) Capacity: 159kg (350lbs) Mirage Drive Weight: 3kg (6.6lbs)

The Hobie Mirage Revolution combines the speed of the Adventure, utility of the Outback, and maneuverability of the Sport. Considered by some to be the pick of the Hobie range.


  • Doesn't track that well without the rudder. (Who is is going to paddle anyway)
  • The standard Hobie paddle isn't that good. (See point above)
  • Don't be surprised if your Revolution actually weighs around 32kg even without the Mirage drive. (Feel sympathy for Outback & Adventure owners)


  • For those people who would prefer to be fishing rather than messing around with a paddle when the fish are on.

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