At just over 3.8 metres in length, almost 90cm wide and weighing in at over 32kg, the Outfitter is definitely the dreadnaught of the Hobie kayak range. Built to accommodate 2 people, Hobie boasts that it is also perfect for the solo user. As any Outfitter owner can attest, this claim must be taken with a grain of salt as the Outfitter's handling in solo mode tends to be problematic. When pedalled in solo mode, the Outfitter will tend to sit 'bow high' in the water and will have difficulty maintaining a heading in anything more than a breeze as the bow catches the wind. These problems can be partially addressed by adding ballast to the front half of the kayak. The standard sized rudder that is supplied with the Outfitter is viewed by some owners as insufficient to manoeuvre the Outfitter and upgrading to the larger rudder may be a worthwhile investment.

With its larger size and weight, the stability of the Hobie Outfitter makes it well suited to the addition of the Hobie kayak sail. The sail is capable of moving the Outfitter at around 2 knots in a reasonable breeze, or 3-4.5 knots pedal assisted.

Below: the additional deck space available on the Hobie Outfitter is fully utilised by Deano off North Head (Sydney).

Paffoh proudly displays his tandem Hobie Outfitter at Top lake, Merimbula NSW.

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