• Manufacturer: Hobie, USA
  • Basic 'kitted out' price: Approx $2,200 (includes Mirage Drive, Paddle, Dry Bag, Water Bottles, Anchor, rod holders, Trolley, cooler bag rudder, 3 Hatches: Two 8" and a large forward flip hatch)
 Length: 12' 1"/ 3.68m
 Width: 33"/ 0.84m
 Weight: 62 lbs./ 28.12 kg
 Mirage Drive Weight: 6.6 lbs. / 3 kg 
 Capacity: 400 lbs./ 181 kg
  • Warranty 2 years on Hull, 1 year on Mirage Drive System

Although not the cheapest, or most streamlined Kayak in the world, the Hobie Outback really comes into its own when the pedal-powered Mirage Drive is engaged. Targetted at the kayak fisherman, the outback provides you with a complete base fishing package straight from the showroom, and the Mirage Drive system allows you to utilise your powerful leg muscles for momentum. The hobie outback has reeled in everything from whiting, right up to marlin, and for anyone who wants to concentrate on fishing, rather than paddling, and has a few dollars to spare, it would be very hard to go past the outback.

The first generation Outbacks (pre-2007 models) utilized a unique hull shape that relied on the user's weight to push the kayak down in the water to take advantage of the superior secondary stability the kayak offered. After 2006, this hull shaped was modified a bit to give the user the stability of the platform even if they weighed a bit less. The hull was also modified to provide a larger, more flexible rear tank well area that some users prefer (for crates and eskys).

Users on AKFF that have Hobie Outbacks include Funda, Kraley, JT, 5thofNovember, jdbb, sbd, DiveYak, luderick, Jake, eFishent

kraley's Hobie Outback at Jervis Bay


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