8" Hatch install on Hobie Quest Edit

Hopefully this will help out a few AKFF members,

After some transferring of money from one account to another ( With SWMBO permission ) I purchased an additional 8" Hobie hatch, tube of black marine grade Sikaflex and some stainless steel self tapping screws all whilst enlisting the help of Mr. Do it yourself ( Funda - Cod Whisperer ) and his 4WD load of work tools.

Moving onto the hatch installation the internal ring of the hatch was drawn onto the hatch after placing hatch fitting onto the top of the kayak, first a decent hole was drilled allowing Funda's electric tinsnips to easily cut the circumference of the circle ( Handheld tinsnips would also work ), after some small filling of edges the hatch fell into place perfectly so internal ring was placed right way up inside the kayak whilst hatch gasket and twist and stow cover were aligned and carefully drilled into place.

No Sikaflex was applied to hatch during installation due to gasket bonding a tight seal on the deck but extra self tapping stainless steel screws had to be bought from my local Repco store as the Hobie hatch only came with 2 screws ( You are supposed to keep the old screws from previous hatch after replacement, what they expect you to do if installing fresh hatch I have no idea ), tools were packed away and many satisfying cigarettes were smoked in congratulations of a job well done.

'Mary Jane' is well and truely a pimped hoe now, I promised some members to post a report and some pictures once I got the guts to install the hatch, must say I may have failed or taken up to 3 times longer if it wasn't for Cod Whisperer's skills and his wicked tools ( And funny sense of humour, thanks again you bearded legend ).

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