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Forster is a lovely town with excellent offshore and inshore fishing available to both kayakers and land lubbers. There are numerous caravan parks that have direct access to the lake & Forster Caravan park has great deals for offseason visitors. It is within walking distance of shops, marina, Main Beach & the breakwall. From the Marina, you can either turn right & go out to sea or turn left & go under the bridge & up into the lake. Lots of oyster leases everywhere, with fish hanging around the washboards.

Lanis caravan park has its own private prawn stream - when the prawns are running (starting September) you just have to wade into the stream & scoop as many as you can!

Tuncurry also has numerous caravan parks that are right on the water as well. One backs onto Ohmas Bay & give you access to some terrific bream & flathead waters.

We have a fairly temperate climate - considered to be one of the best climates on the east coast. It is not too hot & humid in summer & nor does it get too cold in winter.

You can see how easy it is to come out from the Marina, down the Breakwall & across the Main Beach to Pebbly Beach, where the bommie is just offshore. Further along (towards Bennets Head) there are some more rocks that would be worth investigating - I have heard of jewies being speared off those rocks.

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Easy Yak Launch areas in Forster (with parking) are at the Forster Marina Boat Ramp, Little Street Boat ramp at the Swimming Pool, near the Red Spot Boat Shed (opposite Hogs Breath Cafe) and the big tree at the roundabout along Little Street the other side of the Swimming Pool. Also many easy launch areas at Forster Keys. Main Beach (near the Bullring Swimming Pool) and further along near 'the Tanks' on Head Street for an Ocean Launch. There is a great Bommie to explore offshore, between the Pool and the Tanks - supposed to be some terrific fishing there.

If you launch from the Marina, you can paddle out the breakwall & along Main Beach to access the bommie & rockie areas leading to Bennets Head (which is the northern end of One Mile Beach.)

Launch spots at Tuncurry are - opposite the Fisheries office (turn left after crossing the bridge & take the first left.) The ramp is actually the old Ferry Ramp (boats no longer allowed to be launched there.) Also further along Point Road, there is a boat ramp for easy launching.

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The Breckinbridge channel isn't actually mentioned on this list, but it is a superb waterway to fish & is the narrow channel between the Forster foreshore (lakeside of the bridge) between the series of islands leading all the way up to Wallis Island. Most of the Boat Sheds are along this stretch & gives terrific structure to cast to. The sand & weed area in front of the first island can be particularly productive, as are most of the shallows. Popping & luring for bream & whiting works well over summer, and big flathead can be caught on lures & sp. On a rising tide, you can 'drift fish' up the channel, turn right at Wallis Island & then right again, and on the change of the tide drift back down the main channel towards the bridge & township again, back to the Marina/campground or just turn around & come back the way you came!

1. Forster Breakwall – It is best to fish this spot on the turn of the tide, it produces blackfish, bream, flathead, tailor and mulloway.

2. Fish Co-op Wharf – A good spot for the on-shore fisherman, produces bream and blackfish.

3. The Paddock – This area has a lot of channels and oyster leases and is a fantastic spot for blackfish and bream.

4. Stone wall- Good spot for bream and flathead. Also a good spot to drift on a run in tied.

5. Hells Gate – One of the best spots to drift in this water way produces good catches of flathead, whiting and flounder.

6. Cut Island – This Island is known to locals as one of the best flathead spots around. With large flathead caught here fairly regularly. Fish from the shallow water into the deeper water.

7. Stockyards – Fish here on the run in tide, you can catch flathead and blackfish. A popular way to fish this spot with the locals is drifting.

8. Fish the rising tide, through lures or fish with baits around the oyster leases for bream, flathead, blackfish and garfish.

9. The Step – Drift on the run-in tide over the top of the drop of which is found here for, Bream, flathead, black fish and mulloway.

10. Forster Keys – The Edges of this channel produce great whiting and flathead, and the deeper water has bream.

11. Moor near the green starboard markers fish into the deeper water for bream and flathead. Also a great spot to put some crab traps out.

12. This is a good spot to drift for flathead and bream.

13. This is a highly productive spot to drift for flathead whiting and flounder.

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