AKFF Fishing Diary Edit

Welcome to the AKFF Fishing Diary.

Many members have commented in the past, that they would like the capability of documenting their catches, but haven't found software that is suited to the task.

Other members would like to access the AKFF GPS marks, but don't have access to google earth.

As such, the AKFF Fishing diary has been created. At present, the capability is only open to AKFF members, so please ensure that you log into the forum before trying to access the diary.

Viewing Edit

The front page of the fishing diary shows a high level map, some search criteria off to the left hand side of your screen, some lat/long points, and a 'add a new entry' button.

Movement Edit

You can scroll around the map by clicking/holding your left mouse button, and dragging the map around, or by using the white directional arrows found at the top-left corner of the map.

You can zoom in by using the zoom control near the top-right corner of the map.

You can switch between map, satellite, and hybrid views, by clicking on the appropriate buttons, found at the top-right side of the map.

Searching Edit

The entry boxes to the left hand side of the map, allow you to search for map points. You can search for points that:

  • Have been entered by a particular user (or users)
  • Were entered within a particular date range
  • Are associated with a particular fish type, or location type (or types)

The user and fish selection boxes will accept multiple search values. Use your 'control' key on your keyboard, in combination with your left mouse button, to select several options.

Clicking on a point, will reveal more details / comments about the entry.

Adding an entry Edit

Clicking on the "Add a new Entry" button off the base of the map, will take you to a new screen, where you are invited to:

  • Center the map on the location in which you caught the fish (use the little light red crosshairs to help).
  • Enter the date on which you caught the fish (it defaults to todays date).
  • Select the type of entry this should be (generally, either a fish type, or a location / launch spot)
  • Add in appropriate comments, such as size, lure/bait type used, and so on.

Click the "Add this entry to the fish database" button to add the entry. It should then show up on the front page.

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