Fishermans Beach (Collaroy Basin) is protected in most conditions, providing an easy launch in all but a heavy NE swell. It is situated off the end of Anzac Ave Collaroy, with ample pay parking (machines take coins and credit cards and area is patrolled). Free parking is available in nearby streets.

Yaks may be dragged 20m from the car park to the beach or carted down the boat ramp. The ramp drops away at the end and it is generally easier to launch and land at the beach (many boats do the same, adjacent to the ramp, so please be courteous and move away from the ramp if taking time to either launch or packup).

The area is one of Sydney's most popular inshore fisheries:

  • The Wall - a popular dive and fishing spot this is where an extensive patch of reef extending NE off Long Reef Point and rising to 8m drops off, providing habitat for many reef species. It is about 2km from the launch. Extensive schools of baitfish, including yakkas, slimys and pike, can usually be found in the area (although boaties prefer to collect bait further north at black road). Desirable species that have been taken by AKFF anglers include snapper, kingfish, trevally, flathead, silver drummer, bonito and samsonfish. NB the bottom rises from 20m to 8m in a short distance and waves break over the reef in an E-NE swell over 1.5m. Caution must be exercised. The drop-off is several hundred metres long;
  • Wider reefs - there are many reefs wider than The Wall, but the known ones are at least 6km out and are only a viable proposition on very calm days;
  • Ship Reef - an artificial reef formed from the scuttling of several ships. Closest wreck is about 4km from launch in about 40m of water, although it is not easy to find (still trying). The Long Reef wreck is a bit east and rises 9m from 46m. Another wreck, perhaps the Coolooli, is very close by. There are more in the area but locations have not been confirmed;
  • Collaroy/Narrabeen Beach - Sydney's best fishing beach is a short paddle away. North Narrabeen is Sydney's best beach for mulloway. Tailor, salmon, bream, flathead and whiting can also be found.

NB Fishermans Beach and all of the rocks either side of it are within the Long Reef Aquatic Reserve. Only fin fish may be taken by line within the reserve, which extends 100m out from the low water mark

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