• Cyprinus carpio

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Carp are an introduced species, and are defined as a noxious pest by most states of Australia. Although it is is not technically illegal to release a carp back into the water from which it came from in the ACT, it is recommended that carp be humanely disposed of if possible. In other states, the fish should be removed from the ecosystem.

Carp generally feed by sifting the mud at the bottom of the lake/river for edible items, and are therefore a rare catch on lures, soft plastics or flies. This feeding habit contributes significantly to turbidity in freshwater systems, leading to a decrease in oxygenation, and a corresponding reduction in habitat for other fish.

Carp is not considered a quality table fish in Australia, mostly due to the muddy taste it takes on, due to it's feeding habits, but they are considered reasonable in some south-east asian countries - particularly in strong curries or chilli dishes.

It is illegal in all states and territories, to move a carp from one water system to another, and thus contribute to their distribution. Carp should not be used for live-bait.
Redphoenix and a mudsucker from Lake Burley Griffin, taken on a lure

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