If one were to ask the membership of AKFF what the most reliable fish-catching lure they owned was - the Ecogear SX40 and its slightly larger, deeper diving brother the SX48 would be at the top of the list. Recently Ecogear released the CK40 - a chubby version of the ever-popular sx40, although it is unclear at this early stage whether it will enjoy the same success as the other lures in the range.

SX lures look like a small baitfish and come in a variety of fish-enticing colours. Both lures have a great 'shimmy' swimming action that can be achieved at very slow trolling speeds.

Both lures are quite light, making the use of small weight, threadline spinning outfits their ideal casting gear.

SX40F Type:Floating Length 40mm Weight 2.5g SX48F Type:Floating Length 48mm Weight 3.8g

Species to Target with SX Lures:

Side by side comparison of the sx40, sx48 and the chubby ck40

Below:An SX-40 after some heavy work on the flats - note the missing paint

Below: Knot-Too-Fast catches a big Bream on an SX40

Below: Even this tiddler couldn't resist Deano's well presented sx40

Below: Another healthy bream falls for a Vic Harbour colour, or whats left of it...

Is there anything the sx40 won't catch?

Healthy mangrove jack and lizard taken by hairymick on a SX 40

Solid Grunter taken on SX60

Aussie Bass are also not immune to the charms of the SX range

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