Occupying Sydney's inner west, and at the mouth of the Parramatta River, Drummoyne offers kayak anglers an interesting choice of fishing grounds.

The Gladesville Bridge is a prime place for Mulloway fishermen to gather. 5 Dock Bay offers Bream, Whiting and Flathead. It even has some good stands of mangroves right in the middle of Sydney!

Bream and Flatties are also taken all along the moorings and structure that lines the Drummoyne and Hunters Hill sides of actual river itself.

Warning: No fish taken in Drummoyne should be consumed due to Dioxin accumulation in their flesh.

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Launch AreaEdit

There are a couple of choices for public access. There is a boat ramp in 5 Dock Bay that provides easy access, or if the main part of the river is your target - the sandy beach at the Gladesville Bridge Marina is public access and can be launched from.

Vehicle SecurityEdit

There is ample street parking available and good parking at the boat ramp. The area is well lit.

Trip OptionsEdit

When launching from the boat ramp, one can either choose to work 5 Dock Bay for bream, whiting and flathead (beware - anywhere there are not moored boats gets EXTREMELY shallow at low tide), or head out into the Parammatta River to work the shoreline for bream and flathead and mulloway.

If you head out into the river proper, take care to stay out of the way of the Rivercat ferries and watch out for large wake from the ferries and other motorboats. It is a highly trafficked area, so if you must remain vigilant at all times for boat traffic.

Below: A flathead taken from 5 Dock Bay

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