• Trachinotus coppingeri

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Often considered a pest by beach anglers, fighting to get through schools of small dart to target larger fish like Tailor, the Dart is a lot of fun on light surf gear, and a great fish for bone-wary kids to try.
LazyBugger with a snub-nosed dart (Permit) on Fraser Island

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Techniques Edit

Dart can be caught on a wide range of gear, but if you wish to target them specifically, try a small bream-sized rod, a sinker large enough to get you just past the point at which the surf is breaking, a medium long-shanked hook, and beach worms as bait.

Recipes Edit

Dart are a reasonable eating fish, though sometimes somewhat dry fleshed. Try cooking in foil with tomato and onions, or a sliced lemon.

Bones are generally very large, and easy to pick out.

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