A small island, just 1 kilometer off Victoria Point, Coochiemudlo Island offers great yakking options.

  • Nippers are available on practically every beach.
  • Reasonable snapper can be found along the southern and eastern sides of the island.
  • Grassy sweetlip are available.
  • Some big bream stalk the shallows.
  • Blue swimmer, and mud crabs are available.
  • Diver and summer Whiting are also reasonably abundant at times.

Map ReferenceEdit

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Launch AreaEdit

Launch from victoria point boat ramp.

Vehicle SecurityEdit

12 hour parking is available down near the ramp. There is also parking at the top of the hill, which is effectively 24-hour+. For additional vehicle security, casual parking is available across the road from the shop at the top of the hill. Prices are quite reasonable.

Trip OptionsEdit

  • For snapper, try either the north eastern side of the island, or paddle over to the northern edge of Macleay island.
  • Flathead are available in small numbers, off the southern beaches.
  • Whiting can be found in the shallows close in to most beaches, or alternatively, at the Banana Banks, north of the island.
  • Tailor, in season, are available on either the eastern or western sides of the island.

After a good session yakking, try dropping in to either the cafe "Matthew Flinders Cafe/Restaurant", or the corner store. Both are a short wander off the main beach. A coochiemudlo snapper.

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