At 3.82 m x 0.92m, the Fish n Dive is amongst the beamiest SOT kayaks around. This massive beam contributes to the tremendous primary stability of this kayak and a general feeling of safety when aboard. It also allows easy re-entry to the kayak from the water, for example, when diving or snorkelling

The Fish n Dive is a great and comfortable fishing platform with lots of flat areas to mount accessories, the only trade off being a lack of speed in comparison to most narrower SOT fishing yaks. However, in the hands of a capable paddler there is nothing wrong with the F n D's pace and unless you like to race to that fishing spot, or travel many kms, it would be hard to find a better fishing platform for inshore waters. This kayak also has an immense carrying capacity of over 270kg, useful for carrying SCUBA gear or similar large loads. Most Fish n Dives are fitted with a large rectangular hatch in the cockpit which provides convenient access to the hull for storage of rods and tackle and mounting of accessories.

The Fish n Dive is a solid, heavy, kayak - the stated weight of 27.2kg is conservative - add seat, crate and tackle and the weight would be nearing 35kg. It is challenging to transport single-handed on land.

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