• Rachycentron canadum

Overview Edit

Couta1 displays a cobia taken on his kayak

Tackle Edit

Medium tackle is recommended.From a kayak a solid rod with a lot of lifting power is needed,as these fish go hard and are very powerfull.You would get away with light tackle on a small fish but it is not recomended if you are specifically targeting cobia as you never know when the 20kg plus fish is coming along.20kg mono,with a 80lb to 100lb leader with a solid boat rod,should sufice for a good sized cobia.

Techniques Edit

A number of techniques catch cobia.

1) Live baiting with slimey mackerel,or yakkas. You can garantee if you have any of these out and there are cobia around you will get smashed.!!!! Bridle rig them with an elastic band through the eye socket on an 6/0 gamagatsu circle hook. Put one out on the surface about 50m behind the kayak,and one out deep on a downriger below the kayak. The trick then is to slow troll,and the emphasis is on SLOW.. the slower the better

2) Fillets of pilchard slow trolled on the surface also catch cobia

3) Halco lures also catch cobia

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