Give access to Wedding Cake Island and the big blue beyond

Map ReferenceEdit

Launch at the end of Victory St. Walk down the path and launch into Gordons Bay.

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Launch AreaEdit

Caution: Gordon's Bay is not a launching site for beginners. The 'ramp' (if that is what one would call it) is actually a flat bed of sandstone that provides a launching area into the bay. There are sizable rocks that (in the right conditions) can protect launchers from swell, but in reality serve as hazards upon return.

There is a sandy beach at the far end of Gordon's that provides a safer landing area, but is less accessible to kayaks.

Vehicle SecurityEdit

The parking lot at Gordon's Bay offers ample free parking and vehicle security hasn't proven to be a problem, but the area is a popular late night hangout for local youth. Don't leave valuables in your car!

Trip OptionsEdit

Once successfully launched, head out towards Wedding Cake island, making sure to avoid the reef at the mouth of Gordon's Bay (often breaking). Wedding Cake Island lies 1km from the mouth of Gordon's Bay due south at 33°55'33.95"S 151°15'55.67"E. YellowTail Kingfish and other pelagics are often working the waters around the island. Snapper are found on the reef around the island

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