Lying on the north side of the main body of Sydney Harbour, Clifton Gardens provides superior fishing and easy access to kayaker fishers. In Summer months, the area is host to big YellowTail Kingfish, Bonito and other pelagics. In addition, it is a year-round attraction for those seeking large Flathead.

Map ReferenceEdit

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Launch AreaEdit

The area is accessed directly from the council carpark located right in front of the enclosed swimming area. Alternatively, it is a short paddle from launching spots across the harbour in Rose Bay or Vaucluse.

Vehicle SecurityEdit

Your car should be safe here - parking is a bit of a pain, though. The expensive carpark starts charging at 8:00am. You can unload and attempt to street park up the hill if you arrive early enough.

If you sleep in late, in the words of Tony Soprano, "Fuggedaboutit". Clifton's wharf is a very popular land-based spot so it gets quite busy during peak periods.

Trip OptionsEdit

Most people who launch from there tend to stick around. For some reason - the entire Chowder Bay (as the inlet is known on the charts) area is quite 'fishy'. Of course, if it isn't firing - the entire mid-section of Sydney Harbour is accesible by kayak - just pay attention to the heavy commercial and ferry traffic that traverses the waterway.

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