What is Chat? Edit

Chat is a place where AKFF's members shoot the breeze, sort of like MSN Messenger, but the only people you should meet there are AKFF members

What can I do there? Edit

You can chat with anyone else who is also there. You can post emoticons and you can post links

Are there multiple Chatrooms? Edit

Not by default.

However, you can create/join a temporary (unlisted) room by using the /join (room name) command (eg: /join CanberraChat). Although it is not listed on the main page, anyone else who knows the name of the room, can join.

Any other features? Edit

Yes. You may whisper. You may engage in one-on-one private chats. I'll let you figure out how to do that.

Are there rules? Edit

Yes. There have to be, as Chat is open to all members it is necessary to protect minors and those with less robust sensibilities. You agreed to these rules when you registered.

Registering & Logging on Edit

Each time you visit Chat, you will be presented with a Login screen. It is recommended that you use your forum username on the chat site. Impersonating other users is NOT recommended, and may lead to a ban from AKFF.

More details, Suggestions etc Edit

PM Peril if you are having trouble with Chat, have any suggestions or have any other question

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