Brisbane Waters is a series of shallow coastal lakes (generally under 5m deep) accessing the ocean through the Northern side of Broken Bay.

Caution should be taken when kayaking this area. A large volume of water has only a narrow channel for it's tidal flow to excape through creating very strong currents large waves and strong eddie's towards the seaward end of the main channel. Only kayakers who are sure of there ability should paddle these areas.

Brisbane waters consists of the main body of water that stretches from Gosford to Woy Woy. Several lakes break off from these, Woy Woy Bay, and Empire Bay. The area has lots of Oyster lease, Mangroves and shallow weed beds that provide excellent enviroment for fish species like Bream, flathead, blackfish and whiting. The deep channels that access these areas and a strong current encourage pelagic species to inhabit the main channels. Catches of Australian Salmon are common in the main channels. The area has good populations of Jewfish (mulloway) in deeper holes of creeks and lakes. Catch's of large snapper and kingfish have also been known closer to the main enterance near the rip bridge although rare. Squid is a also a popular catch as well as blue swimmer crabs and prawns.

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