Bobbin Head Edit

Located it Cowan Water, Bobbin Head is a large area perfect for the kayak fisherman. Consisting of mud flats, weed beds, holes, drop offs, boat hulls and marina warfs its little wonder that this area has some excellent fishing all year round.

The ammount of species that can be caught here is amazing. Bream, Flathead and Whitting are the 3 most commonly targeted fish in the area with Tailor, Squid, Eastury Pearch, Jewfish, Kingfish, Tailor, Blackfish, Salmon and Trevally also available.

Launch Area Edit

There are several area's to launch a kayak, the boat ramp at Apple Tree Bay, the public warf near the Bobbin Head marina and the ramp on the flats at Cockle Creek are your best options.

Vehicle Security Edit

Bobbin Head is part of Ku-ring-gai National Park so a fee will have to be paid to enter (if fishing there on a regular bases it is a good idea to get an annual pass). There is plenty of area to park your car either at the Bobbin Head marina or at Apple Tree Bay. There is a Security Gaurd of a night and staff through out the day patroling the area so your vehicle will be safe.

Trip Options Edit

There are a few different options depending on what you would like to target. The sand flats upstream of the marina produces big Bream, Whitting and Flathead on a regular basis. There is a good drop off about 200m downstream of the marina that produces Jewfish and big Flathead. The rocky shoreline and various boat hulls will produce big Bream and Estuary Pearch and the warf off the Apple Tree Bay boat ramp holds some good squid

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