Laying at the northernmost reaches of Middle Harbour, Bantry bay is an old munitions storage site for the ADF. The munitions shacks are still present, but decommissioned. Access to land on the western side of the bay is strictly prohibited because of safety concerns. The eastern side of the bay is a State Park with a hiking trail. There is a wharf for landing on the eastern side, but no vehicle access.

Bantry is an intriguing sight for kayak fishing because it offers both a mangrove tidal flats area at the northern in but good deep water in the middle. In the autumn, large pelagics can be found in deep water, and the usual suspects of bream, squire, and flathead are available year round. Sea Mullet are also quite often found patrolling the perimeter of the bay.

Some AKFFers believe there are also some very very large sharks present.

Laying at the northernmost reaches of Middle Harbour, Bantry bay is an old munitions storage site for the ADF.

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Launch AreaEdit

Despite its good mix of both deep, pelagic-holding water and mangrove flats, Bantry is not accessible directly for launching.

Either launch at the Roseville boat ramp, Clive Park or Clontarf. Either way, you can troll up to Bantry. Once there, you can tie up to the wharf on the east side of the bay if you wish to go ashore, or the flats at the northern end completely drain on a low tide.

Vehicle SecurityEdit

NA - not accessible except by water. See either Clontarf or Roseville.

Trip OptionsEdit

Launching from Roseville or Clontarf, troll deep diving hard body lures like Rapala's. Keep a small SP or slice ready to throw at any bait busting on the surface, as large Australian Salmon, Tailor and Kingfish are not uncommon, especially in autumn.

Once you get to Bantry, either cast the shoreline for bream, or berley up the middle for the usual suspects. The run-out or the run-in will provide you with fine skinny-water fishing at the northern flats.

kraley caught this 67cm Australian Salmon in Bantry Bay

kraley caught this 1+ meter Bronze Whaler Shark in Bantry Bay

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